Jesus, My Homie My Saviour

Not a whole lot to say here since its so self explanitory.  Father was a Baptist minister so I learned to go to church when I was younger and it was cool because everybody loved my dad.  It was wonderful watching him and listening to him preach.  Then he died and we didn't go to church anymore for about 8 years, but the word is true train a child in the ways of the Lord and he (she) will not depart from it.  When I was 15 it was close to Easter and my mom decided that we were going to church and I wondered why now??  I asked my mom, "Why did God let daddy die?"  I proceeded to tell her why I thought the way I did.  Daddy worked for God so why didn't God protect him?  At that moment I saw an angel move between us and He looked at me and he was smiling.  I saw him lean towards my moms' ear and he said, "Tell her that God didn't kill her father.  That there is an adversary out for our souls and His name is Satan."  I was amazed at what I saw and what I heard.  My mom said all the things she was told to say and the  angel (a man with dark hair) smiled at me again as he left the kitchen and faded into the sunlight.  As he faded away the angel whispered God loves you. I felt that love.  I turned and left with new questions, Who is God?  I felt I hadn't given him a fair break and I needed to know who He was.  I went to church that Sunday and after that with questions upon questions about who, what, when, how, and yes I asked why.  I had gained some knowledge into who God was and for the most part I realized that God is the good guy.  I knew just from the name alone, "Father of Lies" that I didn't want anything to do with Satan.  When I was 19 I moved out and after my first year of college I met my first girlfriend (as in homie, buddy, pal) I was turned on to clubbing, smoking, drinking, and heavy shopping.  After about 10 months of the clubbing and smoking I got tired of it.  It was the same people, every week, doing the same dang thing and it was boring.  I asked her (my pal) did she wanna go to church next Sunday since we give so much of our time and money to the clubs we should spend some time with the Lord.  She said yeah, but it didn't happen as quickly as I had hoped,  After about 3 weeks I started visiting local churches and getting a feel of which one I felt was the one for me.   Soon I settled in a church around the block from me and it was on.  Rev. Michael could preach and helped me to see that God was knocking at my door.  I was baptized August 23, 1998.  Its been a good ride and through my trials and tribulations Jesus has guided me, talked to me and for me, Jesus has been my protector and provider.  When I was raped Jesus appeared to me and told me that, "I will be Justice for you."  Jesus has relieved me of my fears, my doubts, the anger that has tried to plant itself into my heart and spirit.  Jesus has believed in me when those close to me are rooting for me to fail.  Jesus has scattered my enemies in seven different directions and has lifted me out of snarls and traps.  Jesus loves me and expects the best for and from me.  Jesus wouldn't let me settle for Mike, Robert, or Vincent.  Jesus has a better plan and man in store for me.  Jesus trusts me with dreams and visions for the lost souls here who have yet to seek Him and know Him for themselves.  Some of those dreams are for His soldiers who just need a comforting word to let them know that Jesus has not forgotten them nor will He forsake them.  Jesus is love in action.  He loved me (us) first.  Jesus is my example and my brother.  Jesus is my true and bestest friend.  Jesus is my Homeboy and I love Him with all my heart.  

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amen !!

Thanks ATSF, I have been able to see angels of spirits since I was a little girl and I appreciate you saying, "These are some very trustworthy people..." it made me feel like God DOES trust me. I always thought people in some point in their life have seen one at some point. Perhaps if they haven't seen one in the spiritual realm then perhaps they have entertained them in their homes or in and out of their everyday lives. I really believe that and I have to say I believe God trusts all us Christians so ATSF, keep some extra chips and dip at hand. :):):)