Funniest Dry-humoured Comedian

Im off to see him for the third time this April and i cant wait!!!! He makes me laugh so much! He is sick sometimes but it makes me laugh how he has the guts to cross the line... especially when he took the **** out of Princess Di's death! Every sick person in the world is in the firing line... Pedophiles, rapists, terrorists... your all going to be slammed into the ground by Jimmy Carr. If your in the audience and are unlucky enough to be in the front row... you will never get out alive!

I think the best bit for me is when he knows he's said something really sick and is dying to laugh and you can see him raise his eyebrows and open his eyes so wide just trying to contain this laugh. He holds his face so stiff and well, i don't think i've ever seen him laugh properly.

I've got all his DVDs and i hope he never stops touring. It's going to take a truly twisted man to upstage Jamaica (Jimmy Carr fans will get that bit). I love you man!

SammyCymru SammyCymru
22-25, F
Mar 27, 2009