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The Perfect Man

OMG, he is just sex on legs! He is my idea of the perfect man; Vegan, animal lover, hot, sexy.............

Words cannot describe the effect he has on me. Yep i know........... i'm obsessed.

It's just those eyes and lips and ooh the hair! Not too fussed about the beard he sported though.

He seems so dark and mysterious..................he'd look great as a vampire..........that does it, i'm off to cool down.

Evernight Evernight 31-35, F 7 Responses Dec 3, 2009

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IMHO there's no other man who looks and with the sexy appeal of JP. With his intense colored eyes, dark brows, sculpted cheek bones. HAWT!!!

No info is too much for me, honey...just keep feeling that ache and fuzziness if it makes you happy. LOL ;)

LMAO.....Sylph i agree with you sooooo much on that one! One look at him and i get that warm, achy, fuzzy feeling....oops, was that too much info? You see what he does to me! *gush* xx

If you're still feeling sick, Ever...stare at Joaquin for a bit and you'll feel a different kind of warmth. ;)

*giggles* Well he is sexy.....<br />
<br />
I however, have another crush and his name is ....Wentworth Miller ;D

He does it for me! he gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside ;)

He probably would indeed give that Pattinson guy a run for his money! He is, I agree, quite an appealing guy. Despite being a weakling in "Gladiator", I liked how he played Commodus.