I Love Listening to Joel


The first time I heard Joel Osteen about 4 years ago, I was at home.  I was hearing him say, "Oh, you might go around saying, oh Joel, I don't have a boyfriend, I don't like my job sometimes, I just can't find the happiness in things.", he would say, too bad, you need to smile and think of the postives.  Tell yourself, "Well, I might not have someone right now but I have great friends.  I might not like my job all the time, but I have a job".  Etc...   So when he was speaking, I actually gasped and said, THAT'S ME! Always complaining.  I don't have a b/f, I can't stand this, can't stand that.  I thought, how horrible that my friends have to hear me saying that all the time.  So the next day at work, at break time, I told the girls about it.  I said, when I heard him saying it, I said, I thought, oh my gosh that's me!  My coworker said, yeah that's what I thought too.  But it wasn't that she thought of it of herself, it was the she thought of me!! That I always do that.  That's when I knew I had to change.  I did.  I quit complaining, put a smile on my face when I didn't feel like it.  Grant it, when my monthly times comes around, I have a hard time smiling (But I'm sure God understands)  About 6 months later, that same friend and I went to Phx to go see Joel at the stadium.  He was great!!  I have three of his dvds and just had to listen to them the past two weeks because of friends bringing me down and making me go mental.  I like how he says, you need to forgive those that hurt you, but if they continue to bring you down, find new friends. It's time to move on.  Doesn't mean you wish ill on the other people, you wish them all the best, but you need to get that "junk" out of your life.  That's the best way I like how he says it.  "Junk"  Because I had a lot of junk happening with friends two weeks ago and I have been so happy now that I no longer have contact with them.   I did go to a different Christian church yesterday and the pastor was talking about forgivness.  He said, but are you the kind that says I forgive that person but I don't want to see you anymore?  My friend (that was in the middle of my problem with other friends) pointed at me.  I said, hey, I'm sorry, but I have a right to do that.  But he made me feel guilty.  Until I remembered Joel's words and that it's ok to get that junk out of life.  Time to move on.  Onto bigger and better things.  God has a new plan for me!! 



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2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

hi i love joel!!! not just cause hes cute but because he has given me so much insperation as a future preacher...look at my story u will undestand... ps. GOD BLESS!!!

A very moving story! I enjoy watching Joel Osteen on television! Someday, I would like to own copies of his books and attend one of his services at the Lakewood church in Houston, Texas!