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Joel Osteen Is the Only Born Again Ministry I Will Listen Too

I was a born again christian who has been upset with the movement. However I found Joel Osteen and I want to say "Thank You God for this feel good minister"!   I am so over the typical  "pharasis" and "hypocrite" born again Christian.  Joel Osteen has really changed my life and just a put me closer to God.  I did leave the born again movement, but keep Joel Osteens teachings close to my heart and follow it.  He is wonderful and definitely a man of integrity and a blessing to those who have been searching for something positive.   God Bless you Joel Osteen for your positivity and love. 

jc199 jc199 31-35 1 Response Aug 16, 2009

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I also love Joel Osteen. I would always be sad because my husband was not into GOD very much. I would pray to GOD that he would open my husbands mind to being closer to him. One day I heard Joel Osteen, and I had been noticing that my husband would listen to him every week. I got really happy, he still watches him all the time now!!<br />
I have this cousin that occasionally goes to Houston to see, and hear him. She said he is awesome, she wants me, and my husband to go with her one day. I think that would be really cool, I can't wait!!!