A Very Good Song!

I heard this song, when I was 15, and fell in love with it! I'm still trying to figure out how to work it in my future wedding. Heehee. :-)

Anyway, mid last year, I got to play in a music group in a hospital. I volunteered to play the tambourine, as that would be the easiest instrument to play, and I thought I could blend in and not be noticed. The song was "Imagine" and I just played a subtle chime, a once beat along with the song. I thought I was hidden within the song. The music instructor, he played the piano, and sang the song! But, he stopped and noticed my tambourine skills! lol. So much for being hidden! D'oh! I should have picked the guitar! =p

Anyhoo.... I do love the song. It's very pretty and the lyrics are awesome! :-D

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

Maybe at the signing of the legal papers and<br />
<br />
Whilst photographs are being taken!<br />
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The song is as good now as the day it Debuted!