Really Great Lyrics and Songs That Are Not Too Complex

I got into the guy just recently after hearing "Dreaming with a broken heart". I think his lyrics sound really good, and they are saying something. Something that's not too cryptic and hard to understand.

I have taught myself to play Daughters and Waiting For The World To Change. We're going to play them in my band once we get things started. I can't wait! :D

Wraither Wraither
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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

I, too, thought that his lyrics are great. As you said not too cryptic but they're poetic, nonetheless.<br />
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I liked his songs, yes, but I really became a fan when I watched him on Ellen. They were playing a game, Ellen and him, where they need to give clues to get the other person to say the name of a certain singer.<br />
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He gave the clues by singing the hit song of each artist. What a singer! It's always a pleasure for me to see a person who can really sing. It was worth coming late to work :)

I have to check those out once I'm done listening to Daughters again. Thanks :) I want to see The Bucket List too by the way!

Thats wonderful! I think you'd play his music well. :D