Whomever he is I hear he does movies...



maybe someday I'll see one

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Johnny Mayonnaise!?!? Oh, how dreamy you are.

who was the director?

I got talent. Seriuosly, I ain't lyin'. I could have been a famous actor, but I was too good. I went to this audition once, and the director was tryin' to tell me how to play this one part, right? Like I didn't know...anyway, he was like, "you'll never work in this town again!" and I said "oh yeah?" and then I threw my drink right in his fat face. I was blacklisted. It's cause I was too good. Seriously.

I bet he is a talented hamster indeed

did it do any movies?

I think he'd be in ****.

I'm afraid to google anything at this point

I did google it.