A Man Of Good Stature...........

I am not the kind of fan that has "crushes" on celebrities, or has a debilitating attraction to them.  
My admiration for John is as a man, as a human being. 
I love his spirit and the grace with which he conducts his life.  
It must be noted that he has a wonderful wife who, without a doubt, enhances his Life and supports him tremendously.
The humility and resignation with which they all handled the tragic loss of their son, was, I think, an inspiration. 
They are a happy example. Even when they are hurting.  
A guy I would love to be able to meet and call my friend. 
But if I never do, that is fine too.  We can all tap into the same energy that makes him useful in this world.  And be useful ourselves. 
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41-45, F
Jul 21, 2010