My Top Picks

For an actor who did close to 200 movies it can be hard to narrow it down I know I'm leaving off some great ones but these are the ones that stick out more for me

10. The Undefeated

9. Rio Lobo

8. The Green Berets

7. The Longest Day Another one of my all time favorite movies

6. McLintock

5. The Quiet Man: I Love this movie

4. True Grit: Rooster!!!

3. The Shootist: I have always thought John did his best acting in this

2. The Alamo: My favorite version no matter how inaccurate it really is

1.The Cowboys: I first saw this in middle school during a scholl assemby To this day I think Bruce Dern is the most evil man on the planet


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Smuggler...I have to agree with your #3 pick! I always felt that his acting in the "Shootist" was more deserving of an Academy Award than his work in "Rooster". I actually thought the whole movie (writting, acting, producing/directing) should get more recognition!<br />
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pntdhorse...actually Wayne loved the outdoors. He had a couple ranches in South Central Arizona where he led his friends in outdoor activities. What he wasn't fond of really, was horses!! He never felt very confortable on one.

OMG - no kidding.


Duke's a good name, my mother's name was Duke. Seriously, may she rest in peace... I ain't lyin. Dad called her Trixie cause he didn't like the name Duke. Dad was like that, always changin' stuff. Hey, you like SpongeBob?

He also HATED horses but did a hell of a job dealing with them

My favorite would be the cowboys. He was a great actor. The funny thing about him was he in true life really didn't like the outdoors. But I think he did one -ell of a job.

cool Duke is a good name for a dog

I love John Wayne. My favorite movie is the quite man, but there are many others I like too. We named our dog after John his name is Duke. The minute I saw our new addition, I just knew he was a Duke. He's big and strong just like The Duke.

I made a John Mayonaise group now


He could have been winking at you<br />
<br />

ROFLMAO - Indeed.. it could have been worse.

It would have been worse if the poster was on the ceiling looking down

Once I went on a romantic weekend with my husband at the time and we got this mountain cabin named THE DUKE. The whole cabin theme was John Wayne. <br />
<br />
I have to honestly say, I was not turned on by the big poster size portrait lurking over the headboard as we tried to get it on... eww.. just saying. <br />
<br />
but I love him nonetheless.. he was a great american icon.

It was on the other night and I HAD to watch

TRUE GRIT - I love Rooster Cogburn.<br />
<br />
oh yeah!