I Really Want To Meet Him

I really want to meet Johnny Depp. Not because I have a 'crush' on him or anything like that. I would like to meet him so I have a full picture of the man, not just a 'media' picture. I have never seen an actor that has so much range. I have never met a person who appears to have so much self confidence. I have never met Johnny Depp. I would be so very glad to meet Johnny Depp and share a moment with him as a fellow human being. This isn't hero worship, I am not a 'fan' of Johnny Depp. I do not want to meet him just because of his career as an actor. He is an amazing human as well. I won't say I 'love' Johnny Depp. I do, however, respect him.

LeisaWolf LeisaWolf
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I agree, I think he's amazing too. From some of what I've read about him online he is a very unique individual. I think he 's one of those people who are just made different from the random population. I don't think he does things just for the sake of being different. He comes across as the real deal. He seems down to earth and not majorly in love with himself. I wondered why he lives in France but then of course he would live there. That's where his heart (Vanessa) is and now they've got little Depps. Their babies have their daddy's eyes. They are absolutely precious.

He's a pretty cool cat... Google a recent news story about him trying to get some kids exonerated for a murder conviction....