He is hot, yes. He is more hot because he is talented. He is even more hot because he is eccentric in his own way and never sells himself short (does a job he's not into the story line of) and I appreciate that so much. He's brilliant and gorgeous and open minded and free spirited and I love it, so I love him and all his work. It will be a sad day when he's gone.

MissSunfire MissSunfire
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He's also quick witted, I love how he side steps questions he doesn't want to answer.

That's hilarious! I just think he's brilliant. lol :)

ive only seen him Edward Scissorhands, Pirate's isnt my thing :s. i dont think hes hot (ive a crush on the person whos my username on here lol) but hes attractive and very talented and got a great sense of humour, he was asked in an interview 'what turns u on?' he said 'breathing, and then 'what turns u off?' he said 'not breathing' lol.

Haha, well ya never know! :)

Yes, and then I'd say "Why is the rum gone!?" And trust me, Secret Window is not forgotten. I've seen Cry Baby to the new Alice in Wonderland and lots in between. It's all just so... indescribably good.

he is such an interesting ,hot ,smart man.he never fails to surprise and yes i would certainly drink some rum with him.i liked most of his movies,sleepy hollow is a favorite and so is edward scissorhands. i would like to......and............and........................him until one of us needs EMTs. but i would also like to know him as a person. he seems very interesting. secret window is a forgotten jewel