Baby Powder Love It

when i put a diaper on i love the filling of it falling on me.  there is just something about the feeling of it all over your bottom and the smell too. i love the smell.  i don't know if this was from when my mom and dad forced me to wear diapers to bed and put it  me or not. i would love to be diapered and baby powdered every night.  this could be a subconcious desire  be a baby again and have someone take care of me. i don't know' that ma.ybe way i love the whole experience 

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first off vxtr77 i was not sure what you where saying about your parents where you saying that they found some of you diapers but didn;t realize that they where for you. or are you saying that they discovered them and that you use them but don't understand why. as for telling you best friend that is a hard one. if they are truely your best friend the will learn to deal with it. when you say comes over to your house and spends the night do you mean sleep together? if this is what you mean, than i think the best way to tell them is to already have a diaper on before telling them. than i would set down with them and say that you have some very personal things that you would love to talk about and then show/model for them yourself in diapers. well that is just one idea, but whatever you do do not wait to long and tell them. i wish that i could have told my wife back when we where fisrt going together the life time i could of had i freedom with her and my diaper fetish.

i need help my best friend comes to my house to spend the night on the weekends and i need someone to talk to about my desire to wear diapers but i dont know how to tell him and if i do then i dont know hos he is going to act, i dont want him to wear it but i want to know if he is alright with a friend that has these desires and wont judge me. i really wish i had a friend who felt the way i do and even my parents dont know they had caught me with some diapers that i bought at a store and they really dont uderstand it.

love the story. i too enjoy the smell and feel of baby powder. great story, keep it up

one thing i forgot to answer you on, htey put diapers and plstic pants on me for bed till i was about 6. they also told me what a baby i was and many times get the belt for wetting the bed. that gave me another fetish of being spanked with a belt.

thank you for commeting on my story. most of what we are is from our upbring. and it just so happens that i have a fetish to be a baby again with all the feels and sinsations with it. diapers, baby powder, plastic pants, spankings, tight nighties, wetting the bed and so much more. in my eyes you were blessed to have a mom that would diaper you.

too bad you were "forced" to wear diapers. how old were you? how exactly did they go it? and for how long, until they no longer were diapering you for bed? <br />
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all or some of those, could be reasons why you could have a subconscious "fetish" for diapers, and other related baby things like "baby powder". <br />
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i grew up always being diapered by my mom, until she passed away. i was almost 19 years old. so, by then, it was too late for me to consider becomming potty trained. besides, i was hooked FOR LIFE, on all the great sensations and erotic pleasures of wearing diapers 24/7.<br />
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and i've never stopped either!<br />
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thanks for sharing!<br />
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