Baby Powder Fiasco, By Dr. Philbilly

So what does a family do on a boring Wednesday night at home? Well, you could play scrabble, or rent a DVD and eat popcorn. Many families do that, many normal families that is. But let me tell you what I did.

I had seen this video on YouTube and I just had to see if it would work. About 6pm we ate some baked beans with supper, so needless to say I had gotten a little gassy. About 7pm I went to my room, ******** down to my boxer briefs, and got Melissa's baby powder. I walked back into the living room and everyone was just staring at me. No one said a word. They have learned over the years to just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

I laid down on my back in the middle of the living room floor, lifted my legs to the sky, sprinkled baby powder on my butt and cracked a tater. If you don’t know what crackin’ a tater is, just use your imagination. Baby powder flew everywhere. It looked like a mushroom cloud. Then I got tickled and started laughing uncontrollably so I fired off several little baby taters in a row. It looked like I was sending out smoke signals.

They were all crying after the shock wore off. The next thing I know my kids started stripping down asking me to pass the baby powder.When we were done it looked like a snow blizzard had hit the house. Then we hear a knock at the door and before we could answer my mother in law walkes in. As she enters the living room she opens her mouth to say something but nothing comes out. She just shakes her head, turns around and walkes out of the house praying in tongues. We have never spoken about it since. She is so going to need some good therapy. I’m just sayin’!

DrPhilbilly DrPhilbilly
11 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Lmao!!! Believe it or not. I have 2 boys 15 and 16. All thier friend come to my house cause they say its free entertainment lol. Not sure if thats a good or a bad thing lmao :)

omg! lol!<br />
Before I was thinking, I wish you were my dad, you would be a cool dad, but then I read this and I thought, never

StarliteRose...I hope you dont have to use that phrase to much lol. But if so I reccomend Beno or GasX lmao :)

ROFL, that's hilarious!<br />
<br />
...and "cracked a tater" is going to be my phrase of the day now XD poor mother in law has said alot of prayers for me lol. And my wife made me clean up the mess lol. But it was so worth it lol.

Teganmarie...I actually have when I worked on the oil rigs. It didnt work out that well lol. But that is def a story for another day so keep an eye out lmao.

Your poor mother in law....and my sympathy for whoever had to clean up all that powder the next day!

Ever tryed a lighter? Just stay at least three feet from anything flamable. Demonstrated by the more cultured thrillseekers during my college days.

Artemiz...You should see us when we feel a little crazy lmao :)

I feel sorry for my whole family. Imediate and extended lol. They have come to expect it and love me anyway tho lmao :)

Wow seems like something great to do with your family. I feel sorry for your mother in law. LOL