What's That Smell?, By Dr. Philbilly

One beautiful Sunday morning I get up and get ready for church. Now I wear a ball cap a lot of the time but this particular morning I spray my hair to keep my cow lick in place for church. I'm no professional but I do normally prefer the pump, but since we are out of it I guess aerasole will have to do. So I start spraying and this hazy fog begins to choke me down, not only me but everyone else in the house to. It's getting late so I start rushing everyone to load up. As we head out I grab my Bible and a can of body spray off the kitchen table and add a little extra smell good to my shirt. We get through Church and are shaking hands and giving out hugs before we leave and I can't help but notice a few odd looks that I'm getting so I think "That dang cow lick must of popped up on me, craaaap!". So I go to the restroom and check it out but everything is in place.

On the way home everyone keeps asking what that odd smell is. I take a big sniff and sure enough it is different but very familiar, I just can't place it. Finally everyone looks in my direction and says it's me. We get in the house and Melissa sniffs me up like a Hound dog and says "What's that smell Wayne?"

I start retracing my steps and go get the hair and body spray and show her what I used. She looks at the cans and just breaks down laughing showing me the labels. Guess I should have read the cans first, I have done loaded myself down with "Lysole" on my head and some "Raspberry" new car smell on my shirt. Like you never done that before. Atleast I'm 99.8% germ free and smelling brand spankin' new. I'm just sayin'.

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19 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Lol...Thanks Cheryl. Just another one of my dumb luck incidents ha :)

I need all the wishes I can get lol. Just wish I can start reading a little better ok? :)

haha...One Turkish coffe to go lol. Now thats funny :)

Hahahaha! Oh wow! I remember once, in a rush, I thought I was spraying perfume all over me when really I realized I was spraying coffee on me instead. That was REAL fun! (:<br />
<br />
Sounds confusing? I'll explain HOW that even happened. Long story short I had an empty, plastic bottle of perfume lying around and I decided to fill that up with Turkish coffee and some water so I could use it on my paints. It adds such a fun effect, but obviously not on people or on their clothes, especially white ones! Crap in a hat. It still makes me laugh.

OMG! lol...Thats terrible. I have learned the hard way to read labels. Then smell the bottle first. Country folk tend to reuse bottle for other stuff to lol.

My Dad once thought he was giving me throat medicine and it turned out to be HAIR LAQUER(going back a few years here).It just made everything worse-I think he almost poisoned me!

LOL...OMG! Thats funny stuff right there. I bet that was one slippery situation lol.

ha ha...now I think u got me beat with that one lmao :)

lol...guess reading the labels really are important huh? Too funny! :)

Dang, that's funny! you tried to disinfect your own hair. A similar thing happened to me once. I was so so excited when I was doing my skincare that I accidentally used the eye serum on my face instead. It was a real ouch! because the Skin Care range was very expensive. Cost me a small fortune in fact.

lol...do you know how many people at church asked me if I bought a new car? I was so confused lol.

LOL!!! omg, lol!!! That's hilarious!

LOL!!! Nope not potty mouth, don't bleed much either..... HAHAHAHA!!!!

lol...omg! Thats funny. At least you no longer have a potty mouth right? lol

I did and that was a thing that I won't do again... Something about confusing the toothpaste with the prep H tube.... ;-))

mtvlm...Great advice lol. But if I had to brush my teeth in the dark there is probably a whole lot more to that story lol :)

Also don't brush your teeth in the dark, don't know what you will put on your tooth brush....

Blueeyes...now thats freakin funny. I'm crying laughing. If that happens to me I will have to think twicw before writing about it lol. Thanks for sharing. Made my day :)

No rushing! LOL Way too funny! My mom once mistook hemroid cream for toothpaste. Numbed her for hours! That was funny!