Financial Advice From The Wife, By Dr. Philbilly

A couple of years back Melissa and the boys went on vacation to Gatlinburg, TN some family. I couldn't go because I was working making money to fund it. She had called me one night telling me about what all they were doing, buying this and buying that. I'm glad that they were having fun and didn't want to burst her bubble but I had just been by the bank that day and the funds were starting to run a little low.

I said "Slow down Melissa, we're probably broke by now."

There was a long pause on the phone like she was confused or something then she says...and here's the financial advice..."We're not broke, we can't be, I got plenty of checks left."

After I picked my jaw up off the floor and picked the phone back up I said "Melissa Ann, listen very carefully, when the money runs out the checks are no good."

She replies "Well...well...well don't we have that NSF insurance?"

That’s when I began to beat my head with the phone. GEEEEEZ! Lord help me. I'm just sayin'.

DrPhilbilly DrPhilbilly
9 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Your story is funny,though I am quite happy this did not occur to me, I would have been doing more than 'Banging the phone on my head due to the exasperation that I would have felt! Your 'Avitar' is excellent! I like the blending of the home style 'Farmer' with that of an 'Old school' Doctor, this is very creative.

Ha! Dont do it unless u like bald men. He will pull his hair out lol.

lol...good one. I wish we owned a bank. We own a piggy bank, does that count lmao...Thank u for the comliment. She is very pretty. :)

I went and looked at ya'lls pics. She's very pretty.... looks intelligent and distinguished enough to OWN a bank, not OWE the bank! *chuckles*. actually she is very much a blond. Go figure right? I have a picture of us in my profile. Now u can put a face with the story lmao.

It's me glad it's YOU going through it! Your wife cracks me up! And I bet she's even a brunett, aint she??? ;D I dunno why, but that came to mind and made me laugh harder!

Emerald...Is that a laugh from experience? lol or are u just glad its me and not you? lmao :)

She tries to bless her heart. I dont even really wanna know what she does or how. Head in the sand lol.