The Catcher, By Dr. Philbilly

Years ago I had the privilege of being able to coach one of the Baseball All-Star teams in my hometown. We were playing in the state tournament and I had a kid on my team that we realized was a really good catcher so I decided to let him catch this one game but he didn’t have a jock strap or a cup. I had a brand new one in a box just for such emergencies so I gave it to him. Before he left for the bathroom I asked him if he new how to put it on. He just looked at me like I had lost my mind and he said “Well yea coach, duh.”

He was back in 3 minutes flat ready to play ball. He caught the first inning and done a great job. He was now up to bat and ripped a double to center field. He is standing on second base when another kids rips one to right field and the kid on second hauls butt. I’m jumping up and down screaming and waiving at him to come home.

As he rounds third base heading for home plate everything went into slow motion. Something was wrong, real wrong. Then I see what it is and I completely freaked out. Crap, his knee just popped out of place. No wait, it’s back in place now. No, crap it popped out again. It’s actually sliding back and forth now. He must be hurting cause he is now reaching down as he is running and holding his knee in place. Dang this kid has heart. His knee pops out of place and he holds it in place with his bare hand trying to score. I’ve never seen anything like it.

He slides into home and the umpires calls him safe. As he is walking back to the dugout I go to meet him halfway to check on him. It had to be the adrenalin that helped him deal with the pain and now he is surely going to start feeling it. As I squat down in front of him to make sure he is ok his knee slides down to his ankle. I can’t believe my eyes and almost fainted right there on the spot. Turns out he never did put the jock on to hold his cup in place. He just stuck the cup down there and it came loose and when he rounded third it came out. I laughed about that for the next 5 innings. I’m just sayin’.
DrPhilbilly DrPhilbilly
3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

lol...I just read your cow story so now we are even. I just spit orange juice on my work papers lmao. That was sooo funny :)

lol...without the strap those things can wonder off course ha ha!!!

My daughter had to buy a cup to play baseball but she never had to put it on, thankfully. I asked her if she knew how to put it on and she said that she would just slip it in if she actually ever had to wear it! She lost her shoe running home one day so if she had to put the cup in, I am sure she would have lost that too! Now I can say I told her so!!!!