Bumper Stickers, By Dr. Philbilly

A while back I was on my way to work headed south bound on Hwy 49 and I see this truck in front of me stopped at a red light. Now what else do you do at red lights but read bumper stickers and personalized tags right? And I have seen some good ones too.

If you have never done that before I would suggest you start paying attention because it’s great entertainment and it’s free. I just can’t believe what some people will advertise on their vehicle.

As I was sitting there fiddling with the radio stations I just happen to glance up and I notice two stickers on the bumper of this truck. The sticker on the left said “Real Men Serve Jesus.”  I’m impressed to say the least.  You have to remember this is a big work truck and it obviously belonged to a hard working man and he is proudly displaying his beliefs. “Good for you!”

But then I read the sticker on the right. Are you ready for this? It said “Born to Raise Hell.”  I kid you not.

Now the first thing that went through my mind was the old saying about being on the fence.  This dude was obviously walking a fine line right?  Well, that’s not even the best part. Traffic starts flowing again and I go around him to get in a turning lane.  I don’t know what made me do it but I look over at the truck and there is a company sign on the passenger side door. (You have to know where this is leading but I’m not making this up.)  It’s a company vehicle for a fence company.  I almost drove right off the daaang road laughing.
This guy is either really confused or has a great sense of humor.  I’m going with confused. I’m just sayin’.

DrPhilbilly DrPhilbilly
3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

all u have to do is pay attention lol.

I agree...Humor is such a wonderful thing it would be hard not to believe he has a hand in it. Just take a look at me. He is having a great with me lol.

I think he just had a good sense of humor but then he very well have been Way Confused !!<br />
He was either laughing or lost so I give him the benefit of the doubt since I can sound contradictory it's the ADHD or my own sense of humor - I told a member this - I think that believers slip and slide all the way Home!!! I like to think (or hope) that none of us is perfect until we get Home and that God has a sense of humour also!!!