Babe Ruth, By Dr. Philbilly

Some of the best memories that I have ever had was the 10 years that I coached little league baseball. This one year I was coaching the 9/10 year old age group. We had a kid on our team that had trouble paying attention and wasn’t very coordinated but he was such a sweet kid. Everybody rooted for him every time he got up to bat but he just couldn’t hit the ball. I worked with him during practice and after practice but he just couldn’t quiet get the hang of it.

It was literally the last game of the season , his last at bat and down to the last pitch. We all held our breath, the pitcher threw the ball and this kid swings and hits the ball. It didn’t go very far but he hit it. We were all yelling for him to run because he was just standing there looking at the ball. Even the oposing team was into it, they had intentially over thrown first base just so he could make it. Then they over threw second and third base allowing him to get a homerun. I was speechless that these young kids had such big hearts.

After the game we had our team meeting where I presented him with the game ball. He was so excited and he asked me if I would sign the ball like Babe Ruth. I signed it “Great game, Coach Wayne.“ After our meeting the kids got with their parents and left. I was still on the field picking up our gear when I noticed he had returned to the field and was just standing there looking at me. He walks right up to me holding out the ball with his right hand and his left hand perched up on his hip. He says “Coach Wayne, what the heck is this?” I took the ball and looked at it confused, but before I could respond he says “I said sign it like Babe Ruth.”

This kid wanted me to sign Babe Ruth’s name to it. It was so funny. It’s moments like these that make it all worth while. I signed Babe Ruth to the ball, he inspected it and all was right in his world again. He gave me a big hug and ran off to his parents. I love those days. I’m just sayin’.
DrPhilbilly DrPhilbilly
Jul 28, 2010