Okay :)

Here's a nice, easy riddle that a friend texted to me and i guessed.
Winner gets a prize.

Two mothers and two daughters went out shoe shopping. They spent hours scanning the shops and finally everyone bought a pair for herself. When they came out of the nth shop and decided to go home, they had a total of three pairs of shoes and all of them were smiling and satisfied at the purchase. How is that possible?
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Now i'm confused. got me. :)<br />
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Of course you know everything punk. :)

I know how you got this riddle.huhuhhahahahaha

I thought they each bought a pair for themselves and each bought a pair for another....that way they would each go home with 3 pairs

Hahahaha<br />
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:D Good point Coyote!

And there we have it.. the clear winner is smilingfaces! :)<br />
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Although I must say what i had guessed was not three generations. Just one woman who shared both roles. Like it could also be two sisters(one of whom was a mother too) and their mother.

Three generations so middle is both!

Its not that tough you know. <br />
*taps fingers impatiently*