Guardian Angel, By Dr. Philbilly

Last night my wife, Melissa, had a gold party at the office. I went by to check things out and a good friend of mine, let’s call him Jory and his wife Lisa, had also stopped by. Lisa ended up sending Jory home to get something so my son Josh and I tagged along. We were headed down East Canal Street when out of no where we see a tree lying across the road completely taking us by surprise.

I yelled “Daaaaaaaa…” and I couldn’t even get the “ang” out in time. Before you knew it, Jory was changing gears, popping pedals and working the steering wheel. We end up on two wheels, drove through a two foot gap between the tree and the ditch, all the while Jory is screaming “yeeeeeehaaaaaw!”

We land on the other side safe and sound thanks to Jory’s excellent driving and his guarding angel. During the trauma, I envisioned what Jory’s guardian angel would look like and I must admit this was the goofiest guardian angel I have ever seen. (I should have known because he does belong to Jory, after all.) This cat reminded me of Bruno, you know, the judge from “Dancing With The Stars.” I even heard him talk. It went something like….

“Jory that was the most exquisite piece of driving I have ever seen. You were like Bo Duke jumping a daisy studded field in the vigorous hills of Georgia. Only one word can describe your driving; SEN-SA-TION-AL! Go, Jory, Go! You were like Speedy Gonzalez meets Evel Knievel. It was truly a mesmerizing, mind bending sight to behold. I am in awe Jory! I give you a 10 plus!”

I’m still in shock that my life has just passed before my eyes and I have to share that moment with freakin’ Bruno. Are you kidding me? I see my sons being born and there is Bruno. I remember the times out at the baseball field and there is Bruno. Vacation in Jamaica and there is Bruno wearing a Speedo. Ok that does it. Bruno, I appreciate your help in saving our lives but you just got to go. I’m just sayin’.
DrPhilbilly DrPhilbilly
3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Lol...Whym. I tap dance around something at least once a day hahaha! Just trying to stay out of T-R-O-U-B-L-E! :)

Thank You JAK. Yes we are all ok but was very scarry. I mean, can u imagine how terrifying that is? Bruno in a speedo? P-Lease lol.

Hahaha, now thats funny! Glad everyones ok though. Very lucky