Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, By Dr. Philbilly

Last Thursday morning Victor and I had gotten up to start our day. We have been staying in a hotel room working out of town, so we go down to the lobby each morning and eat some bacon and eggs. The good ole continental breakfast. Then its a race up two flight of stairs to the bathroom. The loser obviously hopes the winner ate some nice smelling peaches or snacked on some popuri.

Well Thursday I lost the race. We are back in the room and as Victor comes out of the bathroom and I can already tell I'll be waiting a little while. What the heck did that boy eat? I look on the night stand and the popuri is undisturbed. Daaang!

There is a knock at the door and Victor answers it. Its the cleaning lady. He tells her we don't need the room cleaned yet but would like some towels. So I think he is going to wait at the door and get them from her but he goes and sits down on the bed instead.

The cleaning lady comes in the room, proceeds to the bathroom where Victor just redecorated the walls only three minutes ago. She comes out of the bathroom all glassy eyed and says "Uhao, estos chicos estan muy mal."

I don't speak spanish but from the tone in her voice and the look on her face I know it wasn't good. I almost fell off the bed laughing.
Then Victor Remembers he had purchase an Oklahoma lottery ticket when we first got here. So he asked me to look up the numbers on the internet. He was hovering over me for just long enough that I saw his numbers. So when I read out the numbers off the computer he got real quiet and said "Read that again?"

So I read it again with a straight face like it was no big deal. All of a sudden Victor jumps up off the bed doing an awesome Bruce Lee kick. Flipped over the corner of my bed and yells "DUDE! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!"

Before I could tell him any different he hauls butt out the door. Runs down the hall hugging every cleaning lady in sight. I chased him down two flights of stairs, in nothing but my boxers and finally caught him in the lobby with fourteen wide eyed strangers staring at us.
When I told him I was kidding he got real quiet again. Gave me a look I hope to never see again and he calmly says " Dude...your day is coming."

Then he ponted his finger at me and said "I'm...just...sayin!" ...Oh snap!
DrPhilbilly DrPhilbilly
4 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Emerald...Crap was so taken lol. Oh snap was all that came to mind. Whatelse can u say? ha

JAK...Your spanish is good enough. I think that pretty much nailed it lol.

LMBO! I like how you ended with "Oh snap"... cause obviously "crap" was already taken! ;D hehehe

Hahaha, better watch out, revenge is coming!<br />
Oh and my Spanish is a bit rusty but I think what that cleaning lady said was 'These boys are terrible"