Milking Machine

A farmer just bought a vibrator for easy milking of the cows he has
cos he found out that manual milking consumes a lot of time.
curious about the machine
The man decides to test the machine on himself.
he was so comfortable cos its 10 times better than having his wife on top of him

after a while he felt it was due to stop and get back to work
that was when he realised that they wasnt any switch button indicating off
gazing through the machine he finds the customer service number
he call and a lady picks the phone

hello customer services, how may i help you?  says the lady

i just bought a milking vibrator and being trying to switch off.... he replies

and the customer service lady answers:
"the milking vibrator automatically goes off after milking for 2 hour.
i hope i have answered your question
do have a nice day.
thank you"

chinonso chinonso
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Ha ha nice joke n sexy lady operator.

i'm a fairly accomplished milker. although, i'd take pity on you after an hour or so.