There's Life In The Old Dog Yet

An 80 year old gentleman went to his doctor for a check up. After the examination, and the doctor telling the old chap that he was in good shape for his age, he asked if there was any special reason for the check up. The oldie said that he was getting married. the doc. congratulated him and told that a nice old lady with be great company for him in his dotage, to which the old man replied that she was 19.Warning bells rang with the doctor and he said that marrying a young girl like that could be fatal. To which the old man said, well if she dies she dies.The doctor said that he did'nt mean that and made the old feller promise to take in a lodger hoping that the lodger would help to keep the youngster satisfied.The old man said alright and off he went.
Six months later the doctor saw the old man walking down the street swinging his cane and whistling merrily. So he spoke to the old man and asked how his wife was The old man said she's pregnant so the doctor said, Ah! so you took in a lodger then, to which the old man replied , yes and she is pregnant too.
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Aug 5, 2010