Sleep Single Or Married?

An ATS driver, after a long journey across Salisbury Plain, arrived at her destination, a remote camp, at midnight. The Sergeant of the Guard showed her where to leave the lorry, and then said, " Where will you sleep tonight?"
The girl explained that the only thing she could do was to kip down in the cab. It was a cold night, and the Sergeant thought for a moment and said, "If you like you can have my bunk- I 'll sleep on the floor."
The offer was accepted with thanks, After the girl had turned in, she felt sorry for the Sergeant lying down there on the hard cold floor, and leaning out, said, "This isn't right- why don't you get up here and squeeze in alongside of me?"
This being done, the 'sarge' said,"Well, how's it to be ? Do you want to sleep single or married?"
The girl giggled and said,"I think it would be nice if we slept married, don't you?"
"Right, I'm not fussy, we'll sleep married then", he said turning his back on her and going off to sleep.
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