Officer I Swear..........

After a long day at work with those less intelligent than a potted flower, I climbed into my car to head home, for the long awaited company of my canines and a glass of Merlot.
Things had not gone well at work, instead of adding a cup of sugar to a dessert recipe, I added salt..........I called them Dead Sea Brownies before I threw them out. I made a hundred sandwiches for a Redcross group for their picnic is not until next bank made out like bandits on that one.
My boss after another fiasco, asked me if I was on drugs and when I responded, "Of course not!", he said, well at this rate you are going to bankrupt us, so you ought to be!!
Finally in the car I turned on the radio to listen to my favourite rock station, cranked it up and out blasts RAP! Now what in hades is going on?! That is one kind of ''music'' that will make me KILL if it is not removed quickly!! I found the right station, settled in enjoying the scenery of the bumpers of the cars around me, reminding me I was out of reading material at home. Ah the sweet smell of fumes, the right tonic to add a headache to my list of Things that have gone great today.
But hey, I noticed, one thing was good, the tank was full, I am usually running on empty in more ways than one and the car was less cluttered than usual..........I have been a good girl without knowing it, so proud of myself!!
As I exited into the small town I live in (less than 10k population), I could almost smell the aroma of Menage a Trois merlot, when I heard a siren and saw flashing blue lights in my rearview mirror. As I moved over I thought, well some poor bastards in trouble and then I noticed, the squad car .... followed me.  Curious I pulled to the shoulder and waved to a neighbor as he passed by.
The policeman stepped out of his car with his gun pointed in my direction and requested over a speaker (?) for me to show my hands and open the door from the outside and then to step out.
Ha, you can't fool me one of my friends was having me PRANKED! So I stepped out smiling........but he wasn't as he asked me to step aside.
"Do you have any id?"
"Yes, sir, in my purse on the seat."
He reached in got my purse and handed it to me and stepped back. I tilted the purse towards him to show there was no weapon inside and removed my license and insurance. This did not have a feeling of being funny and now I was getting nervous.
Holding my id, he said, ''Do you know why I pulled you over?"
Thinking about it, I shook my head, letting him know, no I don't.
"You are under arrest for a stolen vehicle."
"WHAT?! No way, I have had this car for years. You are mistaken."
"Miss, where
do you work?"
I told him, he got back on his phone (?) and relayed this information, then he began smiling.
"Miss, will you look in the car and see if you see anything different."
So leaned in the drivers door and looked.............the interior was black, but how could that be, it really was grey.  And there were cds on the visor on the passenger side..........I don't listen to cds in the car.........and it really was clean, shiny clean, dashboard even...............''Hey, this isn't my car!"
I saw the look on his face and I said, ''Officer I swear I did not steal this car, I don't know how it came to be with me. I mean I know I drove it because here it is, but I swear, I didn't steal this car!!"  Now I had visions of wearing the orange jail house suit and I don't look good in orange.
Well, it seems a gentleman was visiting from out of state with his friend in a mortgage company..........yep, I got in his car with my keys and drove away! The officer explained that not all cars have different keys, there is not that many different cuts you can make on one key, so my key worked on his car, the same model and year as mine, but the interior was different.
When the guy showed up to get his car, I was so embarrassed!!!!!!!! And I had to call a friend to take me to get my car and I explained that it was because I had stolen someone elses car to get home..........she laughed when I related the story to her on the way to get my car, which turned out to be very very low on gas.

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Thank you ALL for taking the time to read this or any of my stories, I am honoured.

Oh, my! I feel your pain! I once got into a car that was exactly like mine at the post office, but realized it wasn't mine and quickly got out before anybody saw me. You are a great sport for sharing this story. Really!

Great story...yikes, talk about a bad day!

That is the best story i've heard in ages.... poor girl, what a day!

"Now I had visions of wearing the orange jail house suit and I don't look good in orange." <br />
<br />
LOL!!! OH man what a funny story!!!! I swear this is so something that I would do, I have jumped in stranger's cars more then once because I thought they were my ride. When I look over and see someone in the drivers seat that I don't know, that's how I get a clue that it might be the wrong one!! LOL! But how were you to know, there was no one in there who told you that it was the wrong car!! :D

Super funny! Cheered me up a bit after having a bad day myself! Thanks for sharing!!

Now that is by far the funniest story I have heard in many moons!