***** Search, By Dr. Philbilly

We were at the New Orleans airport on our way to Houston to visit family and we were at the x-ray machine before heading to our gate. The boys were only about 9 or 10 and just getting old enough to want to pack their own bag so we let them pack one carry-on each by themselves for their favorite things.

We send our carry-on bags through the machine and we wait on the other side. Here comes my wife’s bag, my bag comes through, Josh’s bag comes through but Alex’s bag is nowhere to be seen. We wait and wait, then out of nowhere we are asked to step to the side by security and they have Alex’s bag in hand. He says that he wants to search the bag because the x-ray picked up something suspicious.

So, he puts the bag on the table and starts digging. He finds what he is looking for and slowly pulls out a toy cowboy gun. Oh snap! I start laughing and explained how it got there but he was pretty upset and started lecturing us.

I said “Dude if I wanted to bring in a weapon I would have hid it in the heel of my shoe.” (I know, not the smartest thing I have ever done.) A simple lecture has now turned into a full blow ***** search!

I felt so dirty, violated and confused afterwards. I felt all funny ‘bout myself. I then told the guard he should have at least given me his phone number after such an intimate experience. That’s the second not smartest thing I have ever done because he took it as a threat and not a joke.

Let’s just say I got the “2 for 1” special. Interrogation and a very thorough body search for the low, low price of FREE!
That whole experience was so traumatic that I almost rented a car for the trip home but didn’t cause it was a round trip ticket. Craaaaap!

I didn’t want to take a chance on going through that “experience” again so I personally checked everyone’s bags before heading to the airport. Unfortunately, we ended up leaving half our stuff in Houston because I was able to make a weapon out of the oddest things. I think I’ll FedEx our stuff ahead of time for our next trip. I’m just sayin’.

DrPhilbilly DrPhilbilly
3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

He actually thought it was rather funny. However I did not at the time. But what can I say? He is my son. I would have laughed at him to lmao :)

Hahahaha. Only you have the gift to blow things out of proportion. What did your son say after it all?

lol...whoops was right. I'll never joke aroound in an airport again haha!!! It gets to upclose and personal lmao :)