Hen-pecked Husbands

He gave her an inch, and she became the ruler.

He feels right at home at the horse races, where it's nag, nag, nag.

For "marital status", he always puts "beneath wife".

He was a dude before he got married. Now he's subdued.

He has to ask permission to ask permission.

His wife's an angel. She's always harping on something.

His favorite fruit is honeydew. His wife gives him lots of it every night. As in, "Honeydew this, honeydew that".

He can remember when and where he got married. What escapes him is WHY.

He would be happy to let her have the last word if she would ever get to it.

His wife once came to him on bended knees; she begged him to come out from under the bed.

If it ever becomes a law to get your wedding vows renewed, someone won't have enough money to pay the renewal fee.

He doesn't need to own a gun; he sleeps with a battle-axe by his side.

Another guy said to him, "My wife's an angel." He replied, "You're lucky. Mine's still living".

They got married for better or for worse. She couldn't have done any better, and he couldn't have done any worse.

When he said,"For better or for worse", he didn't know how bad it was going to be.

Marriage was like a midnight phone call for him. First there was a ring. Then he woke up.

To all you married men, I hope this doesn't sound too familiar.
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It sounds way to familiar.

Lol.. Honey dew this was cool.

I actually loved this post, lol, really quite funny... Thanks for posting it :)