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Tease to Please

Arnold Schwarts. has a long one.  Michael J. Fox has a short one. Madonna doesn't have one. And Cher has been married three times, but never used it.  What is it? Think you know?  I'll give the answer in a few days.
emerald emerald 36-40, F 90 Responses Oct 24, 2006

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last name


I would of said sex.

I remember the first time I read this. Wow I didn't realize that I had been on the experience project this long about.

LOL, trying! :D And back with another comment! ;)

A brain ? lol

*snickers* at johndoe! :)

Thanks sweetie. :-)

Surname :)

Last name

I agree.


Last name?

Just wondering about your version of a few days...Oct is now March 2014....lucky I wasn't waiting for the Kiss of Life isn't it?

I`ll be different, I`ll say Golf Club....ha ha ha!!!

You are wrong, but you get the prize for most Original! ;D Hmm, whatever that prize might be! LOL

LMBO! YOu have a point!


a surname?

no no...I was wrong. what I meant to say is rolling pin. Yes, rolling pin. They all make pastry differently? Is that it? Do I get a prize? Do I?

Henry, either you really like pastries... or your moma hit you over the head one too many times WITH that rolling pin! ;) hehehehe

i dont get ppl who type the same answer that evryone has just said


last name

One of those Christmas cracker riddles...


Cher does not use her last name.

Last Name.

Surname c:

A last name

Last Name

a last name

Errrr, ....Hmmm...Giggle...A Man's TooL???

It was MY obvious choice at first! ;D

Last Name................. :)

Could also be "long term memory" or "attention span". For that matter, try "roll of toilet paper". Or "cookbook" !!!

*snickers* 7 yrs. later and peeps are STILL answering this one!
Kuddos to those putting " Last Name" ;)

Do you hold the record for number of responses, Emerald?

last name

middle name

Last name but I`m not the first to say.

Ha Ha ha.. nice one.