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Tease to Please

Arnold Schwarts. has a long one.  Michael J. Fox has a short one. Madonna doesn't have one. And Cher has been married three times, but never used it.  What is it? Think you know?  I'll give the answer in a few days.
emerald emerald 36-40, F 88 Responses Oct 24, 2006

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a last name

Hay! I donknow. This iz my first time on here. Give a new guy a break. Lets try another question?

I'm going to go with a last name.

Are U Sure it is " SURNAME?"

hmmm ( the hard one ;) )

Tell me NOW!


that was cool

was the answer 'surname'--i don't see your response



Surname????? or maybe not :o(

Is it surname ??

Last name!

mabe surnames or tempers.

last name maybe

Middle name people.

actually i think it is last name

prenuptual agreement?

Last name!


Oh, is Madonna bald? 😊😊

last name....come on man bring the

your tongue

I Just got it. Last name.....I get it.

Yeah. Middle or maiden name.

Family name.....

I already checked the answer! Good one!


Actually Madonna's last name is Ciccione but she doesn't use it if I am not mistaken. Good one!

thats really her last name wow? makes me wonder if madonna is her true first?

Madonna is not her first name but one of her middle works as a stage name suffice to say

its Sir Name

I don't know how but my answer went in twice.Thank you for letting me know I had the right answer.

Yup. And Yup, again, Missy! lol

A last name

A last name



hi..sounds good Your appreciated....God bless you....:)

Surnames. Schwarzeneger is long, Fox is short, Madonna has none, and Cher always uses her's

perserver... what a quink-dink! I don't either! ;D

Online I don't have one either.

Naked, at the time I wrote the joke, I didn't have a clue how Arnold's last name was spelled! lmbo! <br />
WGD... I DID hear that about Madonna, by accident while reading a fictional book, of all places, a few months ago! Thanks for adding that info here, though! :)

<b>you left out half the joke!</b><br />
first, the guy's name is "schwrzenegger".<br />
then, "the pope has one but doesn't use it, and former president clinton uses his all the time."


Erm PT... view my previous comment! lol

what is it?

A Prenupt would be the Second answer! lol. <br />
Huuh! I never posted the answer! Silly me! <br />
LAST NAME is the answer! :)

A Prenupt ? - Just taking a stab at it?

I think I got it....:)

A last name, duh! lol

Last names for a 100, Alex.

Yup, I got one!! I think I am famous too. <br />
<br />

your refering to the last names

Has it something to do with their names? like the length? or anything? Nah, I'm confused... :P A gun maybe? lol


Is it a penis??



dirty girl josephine.spanking time.pants down

And me.... I'm just TEMPTED! ;P

i'm sooo tempted too......

I'm so tempted to spoil it!