The Man and His Monkey

A man walked into a bar with a monkey. He sat down and ordered a beer and began to drink it. Meanwhile the monkey was all over the place. He took the peanuts from the counter and ate them all, then it went to the pool table, grabbed  one of the balls  and also ate it.  The barman was annoyed and told the customer to control his pet. The man answered that the monkey ate everything within sight but that he would pay for everything. When he finished his beer, he got up and left.
Some days later he came back and again ordered a beer. The monkey immediately jumped on the counter, took a cherry from a bowl, stuck it in its *** and then proceeded to eat it. The barman told the man that his pet was disgusting, to which the man answered calmly that his pet still ate everything it saw, but that now it first checked that it fit.
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Feb 12, 2008