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All In Good Faith

   A rabbi, a preacher, and an atheist were walking together down a lonely road, when suddenly, all three noticed there was a whole lot of money along the side of the road.

   Deciding to keep the money to themselves, they each thought of a suggestion of what to do with the money. 

   First, the rabbi said, "I suggest that we draw a circle on the ground, take one third of the money, throw it up in the air, and whatever money comes down inside the circle we'll give to God. Whatever comes down outside the circle is ours to keep."

   The preacher said, "Better yet, let's draw a line on the ground, take half of the money, throw it up in the air, and whatever comes down to the right we'll give to God. Whatever comes down to the left is ours to keep."

   The athiest then said, "I got a better idea. Let's just take all of the money, throw the whole thing up in the air. Whatever money stays up there belongs to God. Whatever comes back down is ours to keep."  
arthurca arthurca 51-55, M 8 Responses Apr 13, 2011

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Lol! Nice one!!

Geoff x

Hahaha, you are brilliant Darling!

Thanks for commenting Martika.<br />
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Thank you too Punkster.

Thanks Emos. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

That's hilarious!!

Very smart faith I'd say. Thank you for commenting Venus

I'm glad you enjoyed it mystik. Thanks for your comment.<br />
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Likewise to you too grace2b.

LOL, I love this!