For Every Woman Who Feels Like She Is Being Taken For Granted.


     This is for all you women who think your husband doesn't care any more.

     Sort of brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

     This touched me in ways that I can't even put into words.  I aspire to be this careing and warm hearted in my relations with my sweet wife.   lolol




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Aww this only says they need each other more than they know....... They both keep each other on their feet with what they do for each other lol

GBG, I have been so close to death so many times in the last few years that I am getting used to it. Lolololol

awwww personally i think its sweet

Does such devotion still really exist??? Nice one, I loved it :)

That looks way too familiar..My husband doesn't eat if I don't fix something for him..His mom spoiled him for me..Wasn't that SOOO nice of her??!!! I try to keep telling him...the stove will not bite you!!!!

Ricki, you don't put ground glass in it I know. For hubby, maybe you should put a little ground viagra in it.

Do you have some? Thehe

What a horrible thought!!! I make mashed potatoes when my heart is hurt, to mend it!

MMOB, what a scary thought. I love mashed potatoes.

cyrilpeter, I think it is my wife who has the death wish... for me. lolol

mewold <br />
i worry about you, you have a death wish, sadly i live in a 2 storey house so i cant do that.<br />
doesnt mean i wouldn't, god knows she would kill me,<br />
great joke loved it

Hi, affinityterra, thanks for thecomment. You are right. It is funny the second time around. It is just plain funny. lol

Hi, MetalFatigue. How are you. Thanks for droping by and making a comment. That guy needs to be in shape to take all the **** he has had to take. lolol

Moving a bed is not light work, especially with someone in it. What a sweet old guy, and apparently in good shape too.

Oh, sierra, when we are together, we just sil around sipping tea and eating tiny little butter cakes. We are very reserved.

I'd pay money to spend time with you and AP in person! I swear, I honestly would. :D

Andrew needs to keep his snakes healthy to keep pests out of him! lolol

You two are gonna be the whole reason I slop coffee down the front of my shirt today..... :D<br />
AP, I have complete faith in your abilities to tame a snake..... <br />
Mentos, beans and beer.....that sounds like a dietary assassin's choice of weapon.....<br />
<br />
I might try feeding some to my sister, but think I'll take it to her house in a cute little basket....*evil plans take shape* I need my local snakes healthy to keep pests out of my garden!

SunniOne, you are funny...<br />
<br />
@Floydess, please excuse Andrew Penney. He has such an overactive imagination.

why, thank you! and i'm NEVER joining the ole lady 'blue hair brigade'!! just in case anyone wondered ;)

Pretty, I think if that many people had viewed the story, I would have recieved more than 80 comments, many of which I had to write myself. lolololololol

Sierra, don't worry about AP's reticulated snake and tell hubs not to worry either. I know from the pictues that it is more like a glow worm.<br />
<br />
Actually, sierra, kink might fit me better that kind does. Except in my friend Mr. Penney's case. I think I am way too uber nice to him. After all, I am the one who tied a pork chop around his neck so the family dog would play with him.

I have never had blue hair, SunniOne. BTW, pretty avatar.

Hey, you never know ,....maybe that was the trending hot topic on the internet the night you decided to create and post it and everyone found it,...;....I think it's

Aww Jeez, I just lost my mascara for the day, thanks to AP's reticulated snake chasing hubs off the toilet and mewold thinking AP's face made a cute tush..... You know you guys have ruined any chances of me putting in a productive afternoon at work now....The "Giggles" are upon me!!!! <br />
<br />
Kind=Kink ??....I can see where it could work, but Floozy's see things in a different light sometimes!! :D You guys ROCK!!

i didn't know i would look SOOOO good with blue hair! :O

lol, Pretty, it has to be a mistake, a glych in the system. I bet if I demanded a dime for each view, it would drop to nine. Ha, ha, ha.

lol, and 58,142 people know this about you mewold,...lmao,...oh good times!!!!

Damn you, Andrew! You just made me **** myself!

Hi, sinister, welcome to my story. And thanks for the kind comment. You know, (well, you wouldn't know, sinister, you don't know me,) every time I type the word kind, my fingers type the work kink. I always have to go back and fix it. I think it is dyslexia. I am sure my friend Andrew Penney, would say it is some kind of a Freudian Slip. But then, he writes **** for a living. Well, I have his Freudian Slip hanging.....


Sierra, hi and good morning. If you think Andrew Penney is funny in print, you should see his real pictures. Those are REALLY funny. roflmfao!

I think that any money the stunt nephew (aged 5+) makes from my pictures, is all to the good, since it is obvious that he will never make any money off of yours.<br />
*Smooch* and hugs, my dear friend.

lmao!!! This thread has taken an AWESOME turn!!! Now another 50,000 folks will come view it again!

I am sitting here laughing my fool head off. Ha, ha, ha.

Andrew, great minds think alike. I realized I misspelled that word when I saw how you spelled it in your comment. But I realized I had misspelled it after I had posted. Thank you so much for pointing that out to me, *****!

Thank you, Andrew. But you know that can't be right. And if it is, I am scaired, very scaired... <br />
* mewold hides in the bottom right corner of the story, right under the last lol. *

PT, somehow, when you say that, I believe you. Ha, ha, ha.

you are something else mr. mewold, i just can't figure out what. lol <br />
<br />
that's halarious. thanks

rickigirl, I would take you to a restaurant in the bedroom, and you would be the menu. Muhahahahaha.............................

perito, a blender??? I have heard that parts is parts, but, a blender? You know I am a nudist. Everything just ziped back up inside of me. I am sitting on my nuts. I am not sure where the other "dangly bit" is. lolol

rickigirl, good morning. (well, it's morning at my house. lol)

Yeah, I can second that, but my better half wouldn't make the afford to push my bed. This specimen is more careful. Thehe<br />
I don't want to be unfair to my significant other, sometimes he invites me to a restaurant.

I wanted to add another comment, to increase the amount of comments...

Thank you, blackgirl71. I am glad you like it. Thanks for the nice comment. the cartoon....:)

Thank you, SuperMother2010. And I absolutely love that avatar! It gets me excited. lolololol

LyNz46, Hi, thank you for making a nice comment on my story this morning. I am glad you like it. lol

Pretty, so are you, my sweet. So are you. *** SMOOCH ***

sierra, you sure do know how to stroke a man's ..... erm, ..... ah, ..... ego. Yea, that's it! Ego.

Yea, RedHotFalmingO, this shows true passion and commitment. lol

daveymueller, if she had started chewing, he might have wished he had cooked it himself. Ha, ha, ha.

OMG , mewold,. .could you get any sweeter? I just don't think so,...No I don't,..You're just so ******* adorable.:)<br />
<br />
<br />

mewold..I did tooooo look at your nakey pics!.....That's why I said what I did...You just refuse to see your "mewald-a-liciousness" :D

If she wanted breakfast in bed he should have jammed his cak into her pie hole, knowhutimsayin?

Me too, Sara. Ha, ha, ha.....

Just one more reason I married another woman! LOL!

smooches, didn't you already know that? LMFAO...

pinkypip, you are right. lolol

@mewold, I got a lil peck kiss.

Lol, It's beautifully funny.

sierra, it is obvious that you haven't looked at my "nakie" Pictures. Ha, ha, ha.

ersatz, it IS funny. But an abused woman might not find it as funny.

I thought I commented on this! I read it wayyyy back....I must have gotten interrupted before i hit "post" I laughed...Yes I did....cause it IS a joke!! Mewold couldn't offend me if he tried! He's just too darn cute for that!!

I'm sorry, amdonly1, this is ment as a joke, but I believe that some people may not find it very funny.

rickigirl, I am glad it made him laugh. While he was in a good mood, did you get just a little???

burberryoutletstore, wow, what a name. lol Thank you for the kind comment. I am glad you liked it.

I showed it to my significant other last night, he laughed. Not easy to make him laugh. Thanks Mike. :-*

Hi, many thanks so significantly for these ideas!…

Cartoons or pictures are easy. I will pm you tomorrow and tell you how to do it.

OMG this is sooooo US! We are both retired and he's had, back, um arm, well things go wrong this year.<br />
I took this in to show him and he got a big kick out of it! Laughed<br />
It's HUMOR... humor has saved that mans life (me not decking him with a cast iron skillet} for over 30 years.<br />
Tell your wife I'm a big fan of hers..... and if you ever have the time I would like to know how to transfer cartoons to this site. Thanks.......Mf

Why Venus24, thank you so much. I did that last night, even before I read the comment. She woke up and said, "Who did that?" I just kept snoring. lolol

Ha, ha, ha. I think that happened before he got back through the kitchen door, Vignette.

Thank you Pooh. I am glad you liked it.

You may find, as you get older, reluctantrampant, that it becomes less funny as you get older. lol

Thank you, SexyLittleThing. I am glad you liked it. I appreaciate the comment and I enjoyed the view of your avatar. Ha, ha, ha.

Yea, rickigirl, my wife would give me a hot time if I ever tried that on her. lol

Actually, MadameBernie, my wife sent me this from work. She still works, but I am retired. That means she works and I mess around. lolol


I bet your wife gave you a *hot* time afterwards! :'))

This is a funny joke. I loved it.

Definitely! *rofl*

you got a death wish or something! LOL