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The Getaway

Three prisoners in a foreign country were going to be executed by firing squad.

The three were determined not to get killed and each had decided to come up with a plan to get away.

That day when they lined up the first one on the firing squad, the commander started to get his men ready by hollering out... "Ready, Aim,".... "Earthquake!" hollered the prisoner, and took off getting away in the distraction.

The next one that followed was lined up afterwards. Once again the commander hollered.... "Ready, Aim,.... "Hurricane!" hollered the prisoner, and also took off getting away in the distraction.

Afterwards, they lined up to get the only one left. Not knowing what to say since the other two had used his plan to get away, he knew he had to do some quick thinking on his part to get away too. So as the commander again hollered,.... "Ready, Aim,.... "FIRE!" he hollered.
arthurca arthurca 51-55, M 7 Responses May 13, 2011

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Very funny indeed.


Nice one!

Geoff x

You're welcome Princess, and thanks to you for all your comments.

This is funny!!!!

like it, just made my day

Thanks for your comment Lms. I'm glad you liked it.

*head in hands giggling*