The End Of The World

Just letting you all know that the end of the world which were supposed to take place on the 21st of May 2011 have been cancelled in South Africa due to management shortages in the ruling party. We apologize for any trouble caused by this.

Grieta Grieta
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@csouls.... sounds just about right to me.

Also said in Bible the Lord comes as a thief, by surprise. Be ready !

Too many to count. In the Bible even Paul said that the end of the world is at hand. He believed he would see the return of the Lord in his lifetime.

well thats another 'End of The World' over how many have come by?????

That was funny.<br />
<br />
Actually it was the "Rapture" - where all the faithful are taken up before the end of days. Hmm, guess I did not make the cut - but hey niether did any of my friends or family. I could suggest a couple of neighbors and two co-workers :)

I really don't think they realize what a big effect this will have on the rest of the world. If I were you guys I would drag them in front of the UN and have them explain this atrocity.

that's quite alright , i understand . i only heard about the end of the world thing last night myself . so it's just as well because me being the stubborn SOB that i am i refused to repent . in fact when i went to sleep i was quite stoned and unrepentant. :P

Ok, get ready for the next one ! -lol-