Daily Joke 11-2-2006

Anatomy At The Zoo

A young boy goes to the zoo with his father. As they are passing the elephant exhibit the youngster looks over at the elephant.
After a few seconds he turns to his Dad and asks "Dad, what's that hanging down from the elephant?"
His father replies "That's his trunk son."
"No, no, Dad," says the boy, "at the back."
"Oh, that's his tail" replies his father.
"No, Dad," the boy says, "Between his legs."
The father looks over and replies "That's his penis, son."
The young lad thinks about the answer for a minute, and then says to his father "Last week Mommy told me that was nothing."
"Well son," replies his father, "You have to remember that your mother is a very spoiled woman."
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14 Responses Nov 2, 2006

like most females


Very spoiled, indeed.

I think I want to cross-post this one in the 'Live in a sex-less marriage' experience too!

This made my day can not stop the laughter

i literally rofl

come on !


hi..sounds good Your appreciated....God bless you....:)



and? did it work?

That's awesome! I'm going to the zoo this weekend--I'll be sure to use this when we're looking at the elephants! Thanks :}