A Beautiful Story About Growing Old Together

Walk with me by the water, worth the read...


I forgot the words....



mewold mewold
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Pure gold!!! I laughed hard,thankyou!

What were you laughing about?

Now....er...what was I going to say?

You were going to talk about something or other.....

When ya got a view like that.....who needs any words? hugs and hugs!!

I forgot what I was going to say here, but I am sure it would have been brilliant.

Speaks a lot; well, personally, it does. Nice picture, by the way! :D


A perfect place to grow old together and have fun in the water! Thehe<br />
Who needs much words?

Ricki, it is a perfedt place. Expecially with the right person.

you little tease!!

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Can I write, or what!

a literary giant!!