Magic Mirror

Truth has it that there is a mirror I'm a bathroom in newyork that when people looK into it and lie, they get eaten by the mirror.
a blond, a burnette, and a redhead wEre all eating at a bar. The burnette said, I have to got to the bathroom. She went and when she was washing her hands, she Looked in the mirror and said, I think I'm the most beautiful person in world!! "CRUNCH!!" the mirror Eats her!! The redhead gets worried that the burnette isn't showing so she gos to see what happened. There was no one in thE bathroom except A shoe in front of the mirror. She went to the mirror and said, " I think she got taken because she was ugly. "CRUNCH!!!!" the mirror ate her. Now the blond is getting worried and sees Wats going on. She goes in and sees the mirror. She looks at it and sais, "I think..." CRUNCH!!!"
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2011

So funny :)

LOL What about the mirror now ???