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Mary went to Joe's house.. Joe told her he wanted to have a coconut but does not know how to climb the tree.. So Mary climb up the coconut tree and pick one for Joe. Mary went home after that.. When her mother asked her what did she do for the day she told her so. Silly girl her mother scolded her. He knows how to climb a coconut tree he only wanted to look at your underwear.

The next day Mary went to Joe's house again and again pick a coconut for Joe.. When she got home her mother again asked her what she did for the day and she again told her so.. Huh... did i not told you what his intention were Mary? Yes.. i know mother.. you told me so.. that is why i did not wear any today...
pierrelee pierrelee 41-45, M 7 Responses Aug 13, 2011

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LOL, silly girl. Thanks for sharing Pierrelee :D

You are welcome my dear.. cheers from Singapore.

how about you> would you like to have a coconut? he he he

hehehe..why not..cheers from Singapore


I quite like that story it made me chuckle.

If Joe were the guy I like, I will do the same...Very funny!

If Joe were the guy I like, I will do the same...Very funny!

zomg lol