Mad Irishman

O'Malley went to a brand new company to apply for a new job. He cleaned up, showered, and stayed sober before his interview. This was especially tough on St. Patrick's Day.

"You need to take a test," said the interviewer.

After the test, the interviewer called O'Malley back to give him the news. "I'm sorry," apologized the interviewer, "but it was was between you and an American. You both had one answer wrong."

O'Malley was furious. "I'm the bloody Irishman here. I should be getting the job instead of some Yank. Why ain't I gettin' it?"

The interviewer took a deep breath. "It was the way you answered the question wrong that helped us with our decision."

"Whattya mean?" snarled O'Malley.

"For number 42, the American put down I don't know. You put down 'Me neither' ".

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I'll have to remember that. : )

Cute Cute.


Those silly Irish (LOL)

LoL very good. : )