A blonde walks up to the soda machine and puts n a dollar..
To her surprise out pops a soda..
So she does it again and her excitement mounts..
Another soda pops out..
Twenty dollar bills later a line has formed behind her..
Out of impatience a man says "Ma'am what are you doing?"
She says "Duh, winning!"

"This joke actually made me laugh out loud.." :D
LilSixShooter LilSixShooter
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6 Responses Nov 29, 2011

I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world when I kept winning, then I realized iwas in a F***ing laundromat!

cowpoke laugh yehehehe :)passes a cold one! beer that is heha

Lmao! Nice Cowpoke... Btw! Bang!

LOLOLOLOL... Very nice one. Quite hilarious. A great blonde moment :)

Haha! Sounds as though that could be true! Lol..<br />
Funny though.. Made me giggle.. :)))

i heard a similar one which might have been true:<br />
a little old lady walks up to a machine in vegas, puts in a dollar coin, and lots of coins come out. she does this repeatedly.<br />
no one had the heart to tell her that she was &ldquo;playing&rdquo; the dollar coin changer!