A lady is helping her husband installing his computer, then
having completed that successfully, she said that he now
should have a password that he would easily remember, so
that he would be able to use his computer when it asked
him his password.
Being a bit of a He man, he winks at his wife and says "penis",
as he enters the password and presses the mouse button, his wife bursts into a hysterical fit of laughter.......

The computer responded: "Too short, entry refused”
Fishin4Life Fishin4Life
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11 Responses Dec 4, 2011

hahahahaha see ? size does matter .. hahahahhaha


Ha. That's really funny!!

thats so funny.

OMG..LOL... hilarious!!..

Haha!! Good one :D

Wicked lady to mock the man - doesn't the computer know that size isn't everything!


On with a computer

Good one!

Notice vagina is one letter longer, just to make sure a penis can fit into it.