How To Avoid Jury Service

Last summer i received letter informing me i was to serve on jury.My housemates kept on about how it was nigh impossible to get out of me thinks ah a challenge the following are points from the letter i sent back.Wow guys am well excited about jury service make sure those criminals get there just desserts excellent.In youre leaflet about guidelines for jurors i think pages were missing as there was no guidance on were to hire wigs and gowns or are these provided.Finally is there any way my dates can be changed as im an author and my new book " IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE BLACK BLOKE COS THATS WHAT THEY DO" is launched that day i look forward to hearing from you ps bring on those crims. I have yet to receive a reply me thinks ive escaped.
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1 Response Jan 25, 2012

Ah yes, no doubt the book will be a bestseller ... good luck with the jury service ... they'll probably be back to try again!