An Interesting Ice Breaker

In my late teens a friend of mine had tatooed on his penis YOURE NAME we would go to parties gatherings etc he would find the girl with the most uncommon name and say ive got youre name on my **** they would never believe it hed whip it out and show them there you go YOURE NAME he also used to win loads of bets.
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Is this "friend" u? Lol

you guessed right

hahaha...that's funny!!

I had a guy in my platoon when I was in the Marines that had a tatoo of a rooster hanging from a noose on his calf. We finally asked him one day what it was for. "Well I go to bars and make a bet that my **** hangs lower than my knee."

theres allways a smart *** likes to spoil peoples fun obviously nothing better to do last two words the second being off

Yes it's apparent by the comment you made to the girl asking about HRT that you are a JERK off and need to **** off until you grow up mature and maybe don't procreate for the betterment of mankind Rude gets Rude Respect gets Respect try and remember that maybe you'll keep your teeth longer one day you'll say something to the wrong person and well you'll see what's it's like to as they say "collect your teeth from the sidewalk with broken fingers"

thank you moron

We've all heard that one before. Also, if your friend had "you're name" (you are name?!) tattooed on his penis, he should have his money from the artist returned.