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"R" You Ready?

Railroad Crossings

Railroad Cars

Can You Spell That Without Any "R's"??











Answer: T-H-A-T.

emerald emerald 36-40, F 8 Responses Mar 7, 2007

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Iv heard heard that one before

Cause I wrote this long before the brilliant LR was in here! ;P

thank you sweetie, your very sweet.

Yes, PT! But yer such a darling Duh! ;)

i'm Such a DUH. <br />
<br />
thanks msshelly. lol

VERY GOOD, Bassy!! :D YOu win the prize!

So now i gotta think? <br />
<br />
ailroad Cossings<br />
<br />
ailroad Cas<br />
<br />
is this kentucky lingo? lol