Let's Have A Laugh At This One!...

I am only small in stature, and I love to chuckle and laugh.
In fact, I am infamous for my apparent sense of humour.
My diet seems strange to some,
and the way I prepare my food appears somewhat bizarre.
My spouse and I share an equal role in raising the children,
and I am totally devoted to my 'other half'.

What am I?
creature361978 creature361978
31-35, M
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The Australian Laughing Kookaburra.<br />
<br />
The Laughing Kookaburra is instantly recognisable in both plumage and voice and measures 40 - 45 cm in length. The chuckling or laughing voice gives this species its English name is a common and familiar sound throughout the bird's range. The loud 'koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-kaa-kaa-kaa' is often sung in a chorus with other individuals.<br />
<br />
Laughing Kookaburras feed mostly on insects, worms and crustaceans, although small snakes, mammals, frogs and birds may also be eaten. Small prey is eaten whole, but larger prey is killed by bashing it against the ground or tree branch. Laughing Kookaburras often become quite tame around humans and will readily accept scraps of meat. This 'pre-processed' food is still beaten against a perch before swallowing.<br />
<br />
The birds are believed to pair for life. Both sexes share the incubation duties and both care for the young. Other Laughing Kookaburras, usually offspring of the previous 1-2 years, act as 'helpers' during the breeding season. Every bird in the group shares all parenting duties.

I don't understand.

Normal? lol

newt Gringrich