Camel Repair Shop ( Not Suitable For Sensitive Readers)

A man riding a camel in the desert when the camel start slowing down until it is hardly moving.

Suddenly and in the middle of nowhere he see a big sign saying camel repair shop.

He enters and ask the man can you fix my camel it is really slow.
The man answer no problem, do you see this pit in the ground let the camel enter, slowly slowly and suddenly he hit the camel with two big rocks in the testicles the camel start running like crazy.

The guy ask how I am going to ride it??

The man answer: you see that pit in the ground you go in slowly .......slowly......
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6 Responses Feb 16, 2012

Absolutely hilarious. And subtle too, in the punchline ( pun not intended)<br />
Thank you.Please share more.

hahahahahaha good one!

if the camel is female, how to make it running faster?

That is another riddle you will find somewhere on EP I am sure

I think if the female camel read the story above will laugh and run faster.


Oh, tee hee hee

Ha..ha.. we don have camel jokes here.. cheers from Singapore.