The Virgin

A man from Arkansas goes up to his father and says "Dad, I've found the woman I'm going to marry. She's beautiful, smart and she's still a virgin." The father gets a worried look on his face and tells his son he can't marry her. The son replies" But dad she's everything I've ever wanted in a woman, plus she's a virgin. Why cant I marry her?" The father answers " because if she's not good enough for her own family then she's not good enough for ours!"
Luci Luci
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3 Responses Mar 10, 2007

Dad is right! ****** is best it's a game the whole family can play! The family that lays together stays together ;D

The definition of a 13 year old virgin girl in Kentucky is one who can still out run her dad and her brothers

Hey I am from Arkansas that is sooooooo wrong but yet funny at the same time too.

LMAO too funny