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Memory Problems

An elderly couple were invited to dinner by their neighbors.
While the wives were in the kitchen, the husbands were in the living room, chatting.

"We went to eat last night at a new restaurant," said one of the men, "and it was the best meal I ever had."

The other man asked, "What was the name of the restaurant?"

"Oh, darn...I forget the name"................."a flower," said the man

"A flower?" replied the other man.

"Yes, a flower,...... with thorns", said the man.

"A flower with thorns?......Do you mean a rose?".. replied the other man.

"Yes, that's it..   Hey Rose",  he shouted to his wife in the next room, . "What's the name of that restaurant we went to last night?"
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I have seen this in an advt ...but nevertheless, its funny