A so-called macho man is in a bar with a friend.
He takes his phone and calls his wife: " Hello..., yes...., prepare hot water, I'm not going back soon."
The friend, in a tone of admiration: " Oh, you you're a real man. That's the way to talk to women ! "
Him: " You do not even think when I'll do the dishes in cold water ".
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(Double negative)

A wonder if you know this one...

You are in a room with no idea how you came to be there.

It has only two doors; one leads to all you could wish for, the other to the worst hell imaginable, but you don't know which is which.

You have only two companions; one always tells the truth, the other never, but you don't know which is which.

Both do know which door is which.

What question will solve the dilemma of which door to exit?

Well...I ask to one (randomly) and showing one door ... " are You the liar ? ".
Depending on his answer I would have the right door ?

I'll take one of my companions and push him through one of the doors, then I wait. If I hear screams of agony, it's the wrong door.

Oooops.... OK... a bit wildy but efficient, sure !