A so-called macho man is in a bar with a friend.
He takes his phone and calls his wife: " Hello..., yes...., prepare hot water, I'm not going back soon."
The friend, in a tone of admiration: " Oh, you you're a real man. That's the way to talk to women ! "
Him: " You do not even think when I'll do the dishes in cold water ".
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(Double negative)

A wonder if you know this one...<br />
You are in a room with no idea how you came to be there.<br />
It has only two doors; one leads to all you could wish for, the other to the worst hell imaginable, but you don't know which is which.<br />
You have only two companions; one always tells the truth, the other never, but you don't know which is which. <br />
Both do know which door is which.<br />
What question will solve the dilemma of which door to exit?

Well...I ask to one (randomly) and showing one door ... " are You the liar ? ".
Depending on his answer I would have the right door ?

I'll take one of my companions and push him through one of the doors, then I wait. If I hear screams of agony, it's the wrong door.

Oooops.... OK... a bit wildy but efficient, sure !